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We understand the additional challenges that COVID-19 has created for people with epilepsy and especially those with uncontrolled seizures. We encourage you to stay in contact with your healthcare team in order to make the best possible decisions both to optimize epilepsy care for you or your loved one and also to minimize the risks of COVID-19.

If you are a patient or caregiver who has not yet received a VNS Therapy device, please click here.

If you are a patient or caregiver with an existing VNS Therapy device, please click here.

If you are a healthcare provider, please contact your VNS Therapy representative or access our healthcare provider site for further information.

Information for Potential VNS Therapy Patients

If you are considering VNS Therapy, it may be helpful to know that the VNS Therapy procedure is typically quick with most cases lasting between 30-90 minutes and often performed in an outpatient procedure. Additionally, the latest model, SenTiva®, can be programmed by your healthcare provider to safely adjust the therapy dosing without the need to visit a clinic. 

If you have any questions or concerns about VNS Therapy, our case managers are nurses who have extensive experience supporting patients through their journey with VNS Therapy.

Connect with us by calling 1-888-867-7846.

Information for Existing VNS Therapy Patients

If you need a replacement magnet, please contact your doctor. In many cases, your provider can mail the magnet directly to you.

To upgrade or replace your VNS Therapy device (battery)

If you are concerned that your device’s battery may be running low, you can test the battery (for any model) by using the magnet to activate stimulation, as long as your doctor has enabled magnet mode. Please contact your doctor or one of our case managers if you need help performing this test. Your doctor can also provide an estimate of remaining battery life at your request to help prevent a lapse in therapy and potential reduction of seizure control.

To contact a case manager, please call 1-888-867-7846

For adjustments to your VNS Therapy device

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of adjusting the settings on your device if you are experiencing discomfort or reduced seizure control.

Visit the Epilepsy Foundation for general information about COVID-19 and epilepsy.

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