Are you still having seizures despite medications?

VNS Therapy may be right for you.


Medication alone isn't the answer for 1/3 of people having seizures.

If you’re living with uncontrolled seizures, you are not alone.

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Thats more than one million people in the US alone.


If you've tried multiple medications yet continue to have seizures,
it's time to question your seizure treatment.

Seizures that continue even after trying two prescribed medications are considered hard-to-treat or drug-resistant epilepsy. Studies have proven that adding more medications is not likely to control this kind of epilepsy.

Why keep adding more drugs to D.R.E.? (images blue background)


Risks of undertreated epilepsy

Despite what we know about the risks of living with undertreated epilepsy, most people affected by this condition will continue to be prescribed additional medications instead of being evaluated for non-drug therapy options.


Is VNS Therapy Right for You?

 Talk to your doctor if:

  • You're still having seizures after trying 2 prescribed medications
  • You’re ready to try other treatment methods to gain control of seizures
  • The time it takes you to recover from seizures is interfering with your ability to live your life
  • Side effects of your current treatment are having a negative impact on your life
  • You’re worried about missing doses of your current seizure medication

Connect with a case manager today!

Before adding another medication, ask one simple question - What is VNS Therapy?

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